Newsletter One Autumn 1995
Conference Report
Research Survey Report

With the first newsletter from the Ethos Network, the scene was set with an introduction by HMCI Mr AS McGlynn and Judy Arrowsmith. Mr McGlynn was, at the time, the head of the HMI Audit Unit. Judy was the co-ordinator of the Ethos Network and editor of all its newsletters. In her introduction, Judy suggested that the letters of ETHOS could stand for

Of the

This newsletter reported that National Conferences had been held in Edinburgh, Inverurie, Glasgow and Dundee. At each, local practitioners offered a personal account of the work done in their school. There were representatives from nursery, primary, secondary and special schools. This newsletter carried some insights into their work.

Gina Reddie, part-time administrator of the Ethos Network, was profiled in this newsletter. Gina joined Moray House in May 1995 and works in desktop publishing, marketing and research administration. She graduated from Brussels University and worked in Brussels and London before moving to Edinburgh.

A brief outline of Lothian Region's Primary School Survey was included in newsletter one. The full report was published as "Lothian Region. Nursery/Primary Survey: Using Ethos Indicators in School Self-Evaluation", written by Judy Arrowsmith (Moray House, 1995).