Newsletters Eleven Newsletter Twelve

Newsletter 12 was a special issue focusing on the 4th Annual Ethos Network Conference which was held at Crieff Hydro Hotel, Perthshire on 27th and 28th May, 1999.

The newsletter reported on:

  • events over the two days
  • announcement of the Ethos Award winner and runner-up
  • the two keynote speakers, Tim Brighouse, Chief Education Officer in Birmingham and Louise Stoll, Professor of Education at bath University.
  • the displays organised by schools and organisations
  • the workshops
  • feedback from delegates on the conference

There were 9 delegates from Hong Kong at the conference. They are part of the Ethos Quality Circle in Hong Kong, an inter-school project funded from the Quality Education Fund of the Hong Kong Special Administration Region of the People's Republic of China. The group's aims include to establish a quality circle for improving school ethos, with mutual support through networking and to research and develop a set of ethos indicators for the Hong Kong context based on Scottish experience.