Newsletter Two Spring 1996
Newtonhill Primary School
Balerno High School
Data Processing Seminar
Database Queries
Pamela Munn's 10 Point Plan

Newtonhill Primary School in Grampian became the 100th member of the Ethos Network at the beginning of October 1995. To celebrate, a heart-shaped cake was presented to the school.

In this newsletter, Pamela Munn interviewed Rory Mackenzie, headteacher of Balerno High School, about the importance of ethos. He answered questions such as 'What does school ethos mean to you?', 'How does that idea link to improving the quality of the school?', 'Do you see a direct link between ethos and school quality?' and 'Which aspects of ethos are you working on at the moment?'.

On 15th November, 1995, the Ethos Network held its first seminar, this one looking at data-processing. Jackie Horsburgh from Blackridge Primary School gave her account of the day in this newsletter. She talked about the speakers, what they had to say about the use of data gleaned from ethos indicators, the different approaches to using such data and what she personally took from the day.

As a footnote to Jackie's account of the data processing seminar, Pamela Munn described her 10 point plan for using ethos indicators.

Gina Reddie, the Ethos Network administrator wrote of how useful the Network's database could be to schools. She wrote of a query she had on 'parental involvement' and the stages she went through to quiz the database for this information.