Newsletter Five Summer 1997
Seminar Report
Points from the discussion groups
A View from a Parent

This newsletter focused on 'Pupils and Decision-Making'. It reported on a seminar held at Dumfries Academy which was attended by over 60 delegates. The seminar, entitled, 'Involving Pupils in Decision-Making' proved to be a great success and the newsletter carried some pupils accounts of the day and their involvement in hosting the seminar.

A number of important points emerged from the discussion groups held at the seminar and these were detailed in this newsletter. There was much discussion on the role which pupil councils had to play in pupil decision-making. Other strategies were also discussed.

Mary Dey, PTA, Laurencekirk, Aberdeenshire, gave her evaluation of the questionnaires which she received from her child's school. This view from a parent concluded that the evaluation exercise had been of great value.